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When ordering a regular hard case (not soft bag) with a guitar that fits that case, we ship the guitar in the case. Guitars are not shipped out inside the soft bags.
10.95 CNB CGB-380 Waterproof Classical Guitar Bag 3/4 Size
12.95 SX Classical Guitar Bag 3/4 Size
12.95 SX Mentor Dreadnought Guitar Bag
14.95 SX Classical Guitar Bag CB-400
15.95 CNB BB-400 3/4 Short Scale Bass Bag
15.95 SX Banjo Bag
SX Banjo Bag
19.95 Bass Pack Maker
27.95 Attitude BJ GAF Banjo Bag
29.95 CNB EB-400 SJM / Liquid Guitar Bag
29.95 SX Electric Guitar Bag EB-400 M
49.95 SX Traveler Bag
59.95 On Sale!Renaissance HEA Bag for 7 and 8 Sting Oversize Renaissance Acoustic Guitars