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Cases & Bags

When ordering a regular hard case (not soft bag) with a guitar that fits that case, we ship the guitar in the case. Guitars are not shipped out inside the soft bags.
10.95 SX Classical Guitar Bag 3/4 Size
10.95 CNB CGB-380 Waterproof Classical Guitar Bag 3/4 Size
12.95 SX Mentor Dreadnought Guitar Bag
12.95 SX GRB Bag for Short / Medium Scale Guitars
12.95 CNB CGB-380 Waterproof Classical Guitar Bag
12.95 CNB EGB-380 Waterproof Electric Guitar Bag
12.95 CNB CGB-380 Waterproof Dreadnought Guitar Bag
14.95 SX Classical Guitar Bag CB-400
14.95 CNB BB-400 3/4 Short Scale Bass Bag
14.95 SX Electric Guitar Bag EB-400M
14.95 CNB BGB-380 Waterproof Bass Guitar Bag
15.95 SX Banjo Bag
SX Banjo Bag
19.95 Bass Pack Maker
19.95 Guitar Pack Maker
19.95 Short Scale Bass Pack Maker
19.95 SX Lap Steel Bag LGB-200
19.95 On Sale!Attitude BJ GAF Banjo Bag
35.00 Attitude Busker BEG-20-101 Black-Red Guitar Bag
35.00 Attitude Busker BEG-20-102 Black-Blue Guitar Bag
35.00 CNB CGB-1680 Classical Guitar Bag
39.95 CNB UB 680 UKB Bag
39.95 Attitude EG-20 Hornet Bag
39.95 Attitude CL34 GAF 3/4 Size Cello Bag
39.95 Attitude EG-20 Ghost Guitar Bag
49.95 Douglas EGC-200 LAP Steel Case
55.95 Omega UKB-30 Case for UKB Uke
49.95 Omega UKBE-C Case for UKBE Solid Body Ukes
59.95 Douglas Traveler Case
59.95 Douglas EGC-200 LP Black
59.99 Douglas BGC-200 AL Bass Case
62.95 Douglas DGC-200 BK Dreadnought Guitar Case
62.95 Douglas DGC-200 White Dreadnought Guitar Case
55.25 On Sale!Douglas BGC-400 BK Bass Case
59.95 On Sale!Douglas EGC-300 ST BRN Case
65.00 Douglas CGC-200 Classical Guitar Case
65.00 Douglas EGC-250 EXP Tweed Case
65.00 Douglas EGC-250 LP Tweed Baritone Case
39.95 On Sale!Douglas Case for Beatle Bass / Violin Bass BGC-200 HVB BK Case B Stock
65.95 Douglas BGC-250 Tweed / Gold Bass Case
69.95 Douglas BGC-200 Tweed / Burgundy Bass Case
69.95 Douglas BGC-200 Tweed /BRN Bass Case
69.95 Douglas EGC-400 ST BK Case
39.95 On Sale!Douglas EGC-200 Reaper Case B Stock
75.00 Douglas EGC-200 Halo / Ghost Case
75.00 Douglas EGC-200 Reaper Case
75.00 Douglas EGC-200 3/4 ST BK Short Scale Guitar Case
75.00 Douglas EGC-200 EXP Black Case
79.95 Douglas EGC-200 Bar Wide Case
89.95 Douglas EGC-200 LP BAR Case
79.95 On Sale!Douglas EGC-450 LP Premium Tweed / Gold
85.00 On Sale!Douglas EGC-450 LP Premium Black Case with Gold Lining