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Electric Guitars Left Handed

Rondo Music offers a variety of left handed (south paw) guitars.
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55.00 SX RST 3/4 CAR LH Guitar and Bag B Stock
55.00 SX RST 3/4 BGMY Left B Stock
69.95 On Sale!SX GE Rose 1K CPK Left Handed B Stock
109.95 SX GE Rose 1K CPK Left Handed
115.00 Hadean EG-462 IV Left Handed
119.95 SX RST 1/2 MPP Short Scale Left Handed Purple Guitar Pack
139.95 SX RST 3/4 BK Left Handed Short Scale Black Guitar Pack
159.95 SX RST Pack 3TS Full Size Left Guitar Pack
159.95 SX RST Pack Black Left Handed Full Size Guitar Pack
159.95 SX RST Pack CAR Red Left Full Size Guitar Package
159.95 SX Furrian MN Alder BI BK Left Handed
169.95 SX Liquid MN Alder 3P90 Stop VWH Left Handed
185.00 SX Liquid MN ALDER 3P90 Stop CAR Left Handed
359.95 Agile ALD-3010SE Slim Body BK Left Handed
365.00 Agile AL-3010SE Silverburst Left
369.95 Agile Legacy 727 AN TOM DBBR Left
389.95 Agile AL-3010SE CSBF Left
399.95 Agile Legacy 627 TOM BCT LH Baritone
399.99 Agile AL-3100MCC Oceanburst Flame Left
399.99 Agile AL-3100MCC CSBF Left
399.99 Agile AL-3100MCC Tobacco Burst Flame Left
425.00 Agile Interceptor 727 AN CP Black Flame Left Handed
450.00 Agile AL-3010SE 2TS MATT Flame Damn Wide Left Handed
499.99 Agile AL-3200MCC Tobacco Wide Left Handed