Agile Epic 625 GR B Stock

This B stock item has a 3" area of buffed-through finish on the top corner of the headstock. There are also file marks all along the fingerboard.

Designed those wanting hard-hitting high output

Double cutaway, 2 piece flat top, light weight, alder body.

Maple neck with 24 stainless steel frets for fast play.

Open pole high output pickups, controlled by 1 volume and one push/pull coil tapping tone knob.

Dual action adjustable truss rod

Cepheus "Epic" passive 6 string humbucker pickups

Qty Price: $399.95

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New Agile 6 String

  • Double cutaway, 2 piece solid alder, flat top body
  • Cepheus fixed bridge
  • Dual action adjustable truss rod in neck to offset alterations caused by changes in humidity, temperature, or new strings
  • No endangered woods (Rosewood) used in production!
  • "Roasted" ((THERMALLY MODIFIED)) maple neck with improved stability and resistant to humidity and temperature changes.
  • Clearer and brighter tone than standard maple necks.
  • 24 Stainless steel frets.
  • Bolt-on neck with a 13.7" (350 mm) radius for fast play
  • One volume control, one tone control, and a 3-way selector switch let you tailor your sound just right
  • Chrome, die cast Grover Rotomatic tuners with 18-1 turning ratio for ultra fine tuning (Model 102-18N)
  • Cepheus "Epic" high output passive 6 string humbucker pickups
  • Reverse headstock adds an esthetic flair
  • Made in South Korea
  • Overall length, including the strap button: 39"
  • Scale length: 25.5"
  • Width of the upper bout: 10 3/4"
  • Width of the lower bout: 12 1/4"
  • Width of the neck at the nut: 1 5/8"
  • String spacing at the nut: 1/4" (1 3/8" overall)
  • String spacing at the bridge: 3/8" (2 1/16" overall)
  • Width of the neck at the 24th fret: 2 3/16"
  • Thickness of the neck at the nut: 3/4"
  • Thickness of the neck at the 12th fret: 15/16"
  • Radius: 13.7" (350 mm)
  • Body thickness at the edge: 1 3/4"
  • Space between strings at the nut: 1/4"
  • Overall string spacing at the nut: 1 9/16"
  • Space between strings at the bridge: 3/8"
  • Overall string spacing at the bridge: 2 7/16"
  • Pickups dimensions: 2 5/8" x 1 3/8"
  • Pickup magnet type: Alnico V
  • High Output Cepheus Epic Pickups: Output 8.9K Neck 13.5K Bridge
  • Weight: only 7 pounds!
  • Question: What is the difference between passive and active pickups?
    Answer: A passive pickup is a magnetic pickup which directly sends the signal from your string, through the wood, into the pickup, and then into the amp which creates the most dynamic sound you can produce. Many artists prefer a passive pickup which enables a multitude of tones. Jeff Beck, Darrell Abbott, Eddie Van Halen, and Jimi Hendrix are prime examples of passive pickup users. An active pickup is powered by a separate battery stored in the guitar enabling higher output and overall balanced frequency. Many artists who are looking for a consistent sound such as in metal music use active pickups to achieve a powerful and consistent tone without compromising quality. Kirk Hammett and Kerry King use active electronics which enable them to push their amps near their limits and still retain a tight and focused clarity in their sound.

    Question: I received my Agile and there is some fret buzz. What do I do?
    Answer: Your guitar was set up and buzz free when it was shipped. However the neck may have moved during shipment. This video should help: Set Up Tips. The video describes the set up for a 6 string guitar, but the concepts are the same for your 7 string guitar.

    Question: What is your return policy for this item?
    Answer: See our detailed policy by clicking on "Return Policy" on the right side of the home page.

    Question: Where is the Agile made?
    Answer: Agile guitars are made in South Korea