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Agile Chiral Headless Bridge Saddle Tuner

  • Bridge saddle tuner as used in the Agile Chiral headless guitar
  • Requires 0.9 hex wrench for adjustment (not included)
  • Mounting screws not included

  • Question: I am in the process of changing strings and I cannot get the bridge receiver to come all the way forward to insert the new string.
    Answer: It's likely that the ball end from the previous string may be stuck in the receiver. You may remove it by removing the bridge receiver and then taking out the ball send. See this video

    Question: I was in the process of changing strings and the headlock has stripped Answer: Please follow this suggested procedure when changing strings to avoid cross-threading your string locks. First, whenever possible, when removing strings, simply loosen the string lock at the headstock and do no remove the screw completely. If you do happen to remove, carefully replace the screw, and tighten at least one full turn, being careful not to cross-thread BEFORE inserting the string. Secondly, remember this is not a floyd locking system. There is no need to overtighten the locking mechanism to fully secure the string.

    Question: I received my Agile and there is some fret buzz. What do I do?
    Answer: Your guitar was set up and buzz free when it was shipped. However the neck may have moved during shipment. This video should help: Set Up Tips. The video describes the set up for a 6 string guitar, but the concepts are the same for your 7 string guitar.

    Question: What is your return policy for this item?
    Answer: See our detailed policy by clicking on "Return Policy" on the right side of the home page.

    Question: Where is the Agile made?
    Answer: Agile guitars are made in South Korea

    Question: Why should I consider a headless guitar?
    Answer: Headless guitars are a unique type of guitar that feature a design without a traditional headstock. The headstock is the portion of the guitar that holds the tuning keys, and it is a common feature on most guitars. However, headless guitars eliminate this feature, resulting in a sleek and minimalist design.

    One of the main advantages of headless guitars is their improved balance and comfort. Without the headstock, the weight of the guitar is distributed more evenly, making it more comfortable to play for extended periods of time. Additionally, headless guitars are known for their improved tuning stability, as the lack of a headstock reduces the amount of tension on the strings.

    One of the most popular headless guitar manufacturers is Agile Guitars, which is known for its high-quality, affordable headless guitars. Agile Guitars offers a wide range of headless models, including electric, acoustic, and bass guitars. They have a reputation for being a great choice for musicians who are looking for a headless guitar that is both affordable and of high-quality.

    There are several famous guitar players who have used headless guitars throughout their careers. Tosin Abasi of Animals is probably the most well-known and famous player who use headless guitars. He has gained a reputation as one of the most technically proficient and innovative guitarists in the progressive metal genre, and his use of a headless guitar has become a signature aspect of his playing style.

    Overall, headless guitars are a unique and interesting alternative to traditional guitars. They offer improved balance, comfort, and tuning stability, making them a popular choice among many guitar players. With notable players like Adrian Belew and Eddie Van Halen using them, it's clear that headless guitars are a viable option for any musician looking to try something new. And for those looking for headless guitars that are both affordable and high-quality, Agile Guitars is a great choice.