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Rondo Music Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is closed to new members at this time. Our Affiliates advertise Rondo Music products through their own web sites or e-mail lists and earn commissions!

Commissions are made when a visitor sent through an Affiliate's link makes a purchase at Note that you do not get commissions on items you purchase yourself. Affiliates currently earn 10% commission on all qualifying purchase made at Qualifying purchases include all products listed for sale at, excluding taxes, shipping charges, and customs or duties charges. Commissions are paid quarterly. Minimum commission is $100. If your commission has accumulated to be less than $100 it will be paid at the end of the first quarter in which it reaches $100.

Before you sign up, please read our terms and conditions.

Once you sign up, you will be redirected to your STATS page. Please bookmark this page for quick access. The HOME TAB will show your unique Affiliate URL. You must use this URL in all advertising to receive commissions. The LINK CODE tab will show you unique HTML code to put the Rondo Music logo into your ads or web pages. This code also contains your unique Affiliate URL. Other tabs will give you information on your traffic and earning reports and many other useful tools.

We are not accepting New Affiliates at this time.

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