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What's Happening At Rondo

The following updates were emailed to our customers who are signed up for our mailing list

February 2, 2023: We have one additional change at Rondo; Starting today, we are going to severely limit the number of export (outside of the USA) orders we accept. As inventory is low and our ability to support exports once they have left US soil (with warranty, possible shipping damage etc.) it probably makes little sense for us to pursue these sales. If you are a foreign buyer and have a history with us, I think we can probably continue sales to you, but it will have to be on a case-by-case basis.

January 17, 2024 Well our customers have spoken and we are listening. For 2024 SX has agreed to let us continue handling their products on a limited basis. We will continue to stock the lap steel models as previously mentioned in November. In additional we will stock a limited number of guitar packages as well as a very small number of SX short scale, medium scale and long scale basses (fretless and fretted). We will also stock the Furrian in the short scale version. Details as to the exact models will follow this spring. Otherwise all Calisto, Furrian, Hawk and Liquid models are discontinued for 2024.

November 14, 2023: The end of an Era ? No more SX Guitars at Rondo Music!!

Unfortunately, you have read that headline correctly. Rondo Music will be phasing out most SX guitar models in 2024. We will continue to offer parts and warranty support so long as SX is willing to supply us, but as far as new models and re-stocking, that will come to an end for most models. We will continue to sell a limited number of models that still have good customer demand such as the Lap Steel guitars. We want to thank you for over 30 years of sales support for this brand. It was a great ride while it lasted. I know many of you have been with us for a long time buying SX and I thought you deserved a full explanation.

Why this decision? Well, there are many reasons. The first is pricing. For those of you who have been with us from the beginning or even are recently as 5 to 7 years ago, you will remember that most SX models sold in the $89 to $129 price range, with almost no models exceeding $199. Considering the quality, the value was incredible. Today, most SX models would be priced in the $250 range and up to be profitable. The models you see on our site priced below that today are selling at a loss or below what we would need to cover our minimum profit to pay the rent and keep the lights on. In some cases, not all of the costs increase comes directly from SX. The cost of importing an SX guitar as recently as 2012 was about $5. During the pandemic, and with the additional 25% tariff and extremely high shipping rates, the cost to import a single acoustic guitar approached $75. The second big issue is selection. Over the years SX has dramatically cut back on their inventory, in some cases, cutting very popular s models such as their Ukes, Resonators, Classical Guitars, Rack Case, Banjos, Guitar Cases and the list goes on. As the selection dwindled so did the ability for Rondo to order a full container of SX products which is what needs to be done to keep the shipping costs down. That goes along with the next problem, the increase in Minimum Order Quantity or MOQ. Rondo is always receiving interesting and, in some cases, downright strange request for guitars: fretless, odd shapes, left-handed multi scale etc. Back in the day, SX would be quite open minded to relatively small order batches so we could satisfy these important customer input and suggestions. No longer - and SX has increased the minimum order quantity for special models. The China factor also plays a role with many customers now avoiding products from China. Rondo itself (I myself) does not escape some of the blame. Our web site as not look as current and up to date as it appeared back in 2005, and I imagine that deters some people. However SX sales on other sites such as Reverb, eBay, and Amazon that have modernized and are up to date have also dropped off. Finally, Payment Terms. When most established stores buy product, they are given payment terms. Just like a typical person may have 20 or 30 days to pay their credit card, most vendors give retailers time to sell at least part of their order to pay for a shipment. With orders coming from China, the time between placing the order and receiving the goods is typically 4-5 months. Please also consider a typical container could easily hold between 500 and 1000 SX guitars. The dollar amount tied up is substantial. In the past SX gave us 60-day payment terms to at least inspect the product and make a few sales before the amount was due in full. That is no longer the case and containers must be paid for when they leave the factory which is typically 45+ days before we see them. This creates a fairly large financial strain. SX is currently the only factory we buy from that has this pre-payment requirement. It’s the combination of all of these factors that have led us to dramatically cut back on the SX products we will be stocking going forward.

How much longer will you be stocking SX? We will stock guitars until they sell out. No additional models are expected in 2023. We will continue stocking some models like the SX Lap Steel through at least 2024.

Will anyone else start selling SX if Rondo drops the line? Unknown – Maybe, but I would doubt it for the same reasons that I listed above.

What about my warranty? Rondo Music will continue to warrant SX products so long as SX continues to supply us with warranty replacement parts. As of today, we have a good supply of the most common warranty items.

Can I reach SX directly? The parent company for SX is Team International. Their direct web site is The last time I looked it was about 4-5 years out of date (with several discontinued models). They typically have referred customer questions right back to us and we will continue to support our past customers.

Will Rondo be replacing SX with another brand? That is unknown at this time. We are still hoping there may be some last-minute solution, but this is starting to look unlikely and why we have released this statement. The import market is quite challenging now with the mood of the country moving to towards more locally sourced products.

Will Rondo be blowing out SX or having any major sales? Many of the SX guitars have already been discounted/reduced and all are selling at a pace such that we expect to be sold out of most all models by year-end. Rondo’s standard 30-day price guarantee will apply; meaning if you purchase and item and the price drops within 30 days of your purchase, you are eligible for a refund of the difference. I realize this all might just sound like a bunch of excuses, and maybe it is, but the net result is the same.

Thank you all again for being great customers theses past 30 years! I will continue to post updates as well as any other common customer questions on this page

March 10, 2023 A number of additional Agile guitars came in, but unfortunately not the acoustics as expected. Those orders are delayed again until around the first week of April. Thank you for your patience !

February 15, 2023 This week we have some great deals on several Agile guitars as well as a few new models. The best news is that all the items below are in stock now. For those waiting patiently (thank you) on your Renaissance pre-orders, we have received our Bill of Lading today and are hoping to receive notice of portal arrival sometime next week. From there we need to clear customs, inspect, setup and start shipping out to you. We will keep you updated!

February 1, 2023 This week we have several new Agile models as well as some great sale items. Best yet, they are all in stock as of 9am today. Just a bit of housekeeping news: The SX Furrian will be discontinued in 2023, so only those few models remaining on the site are available. The Renaissance pre-orders are unfortunately delayed. As of now we hope to receive sometime in mid-March. We will continue to send email updates as we receive word from the factory

December 23, 2022 It's a Christmas miracle! Agile pre-orders have arrived about 1 month ahead of schedule. Many are shipping today (if the power holds were are in the middle of a big storm). The rest should go out later next week. Below are the few remaining that were not pre-ordered or were canceled along with some sale items. Remember that both UPS and Fedex are now closed for pickup Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Have a great holiday!

December 16, 2022 This is it! This weekend is the very last chance items can be ordered and received before Christmas (other than ordering express). Grab your last-minute holiday items now! We have several holiday suggestions listed for you below including some nicely discounted pricing on guitar packages (both left and right-handed) individual guitars (not in packs) and beginner acoustic guitars. We also received a number uke basses in. These ukes are tuned up just like bass guitars, are light and portable, and are a blast to play. Finally, we just received a brand-new headless guitar in from Hadean. The sound and quality are excellent for the price. Check it out! Next week we hope to receive (ahead of schedule) a number of Agile pre-orders. We will post up any left-over inventory that was not pre-sold as well as any cancellations once they arrive.

December 13, 2022 The very popular Hadean EA-100 acoustic electric models have arrived just in time for Christmas. Almost all were pre-sold but we do have a few left and are listed below. They are available in left and right handed versions. I also listed a few great gift idea such as 'pack maker' packs which include a bag, strap tuner and guitar cord. Combined with the GA 1065 you can turn any guitar into an affordable guitar package.

December 6, 2022 This week we have a few nice gift ideas, some great sale items and some brand new Agile 8, 9 and 10 string models including a few True Temperament guitars. Those of you waiting for the Hadean EA-100, we hope to be receiving the shipment on time or possibly a few days early (original target for most orders was between Dec 15th and Dec 20th). We will keep you posted.

November 30, 2022Just in time for the holidays, and a bit ahead of schedule, our SX Guitar shipment has arrived! Many back-orders have already shipped and we should have all of them out by or early next week. We also have a number of exciting new Agile models due in shortly. Check them out below!

November 9, 2022 We received ship notification on a number of Agile 8 and 10 string guitars that people have been asking for. Also a number of Hadean Uke basses are on the way.

October 30, 2022 At the end of the day today we began receiving some of the very long awaited Renaissance acoustic guitars. For those with pre-orders, the wait should be finally coming to an end shortly. We also have been getting lots of requests for 9 string Agile guitars and we have started taking pre-orders on those today as well.

September 20, 2022Just received notice that we have an SX shipment scheduled fairly shortly. Those models included in the shipment are listed below. The shipment contains lap steel guitars and number of other items we have been sold out on for some time. In addition, the bass guitars listed below will likely be the last shipment of basses we receive from SX. The excessive importing cost (almost tripling now since before the pandemic) makes larger items like this impractical to import. If you ever considered an SX bass, this may be your final chance.

September 9, 2022 This week we are happy to report that most of the back ordered SX guitars and basses have finally arrived. We expect to ship out all backordered items within the next 3 to 4 days. We will post any left over items on the site once al customer backorders are taken care of. Agile Renaissance guitars are delayed a bit further, but we still hope to receive most of them in by the end of the month. Thank you for your patience !

July 1, 2022 Just a heads up, this will likely be the last time we get the SX Bass guitars shown below. The logistics costs (both importing and shipping to west coast locations) have gotten completely out of control such that the importing and shipping cost now make up about 75% of the price of the instrument. If you have any interest in these, I suggest ordering now as this will likely be your last chance. As of now we do plan to continue to produce and import Agile, SX, and Hadean guitars but do expect supply to remain tight, especially with Agile for the rest of 2022. Please enjoy a happy and safe 4th of July!

June 23, 2022: We received word today of a number of Agile models getting ready to ship out from the factory and have listed them below. We expect to receive word on additional Chiral Headless and Renaissance models getting ready to ship out as well and will send an update once we have confirmation. We also received notice about a number of SX models which we also listed below. Please note that some of the models listed, such as the PDC410G, the EGC-400LP Desert Camo case and the EGC-450 SG case are their final production run. I have indicated this in the item description of each item that applies to. The models in question, such as the PDC 410G pedal cases have had their MOQ from the factory increase so much, it's no longer practical to produce. (due to the situation with aluminum for the PDC case for example). Thanks!

May 12, 2022: Fantastic news! After almost 3 weeks of waiting for delivery, we have received our shipment of Agile guitars. Pre-orders are in the process of being inspected and setup and will start shipping today. The majority of the pre-orders should be shipped out by early next week. The exception is certain Renaissance and headless models that were ordered with a hard shell case. The cases were shipped separately and are not due until mid to late June. The very few Agile models that were not sold out on pre-order are listed below.

May 9, 2022: We were able to get the Hadean models picked up from the port and should start shipping them out today. All the pre-orders should be processed by Wednesday and the Hadean guitars listed below are now all available. Unfortunately, after 3 weeks of trying, we were still not able to arrange to have the Agile models picked up. We are hoping for sometime late in the week this week. Thank you for your patience!

May 3, 2022: Well the good news is our Agile and Hadean containers has arrived in port. The bad news is that was 10 days ago. Normal transit time from the port is about 2 days. The last container that came in took just over month to get here (a 6 hour drive). If that holds true this time, we should still have most of the Agile and Hadean models before June so the "Advanced Order" ship dates on the site should still be about right? Thank you for your patience ! We have no updates on any SX products leaving China. As you may have heard much of the country is still in lock down. We expect to sell out of most SX models by mid summer.

March 9, 2022: We just received news that part of our Hadean order, placed about 2 years ago at the start of the pandemic is finally shipping. We have listed most of the models due in below. Unfortunately, the popular EA-100 was not part of the shipment due to lack of available parts. While prices appear to be competitive compared to other brands, please keep in mind that since our last order arrived, the 25% import tariff was imposed and container prices increased from about $4,000 to about $20,000. Combined, these factors have increased individual guitar prices as much as $50 each. Guitar case prices have increased from $89 to $115 over that same period. Remember also this container was booked and shipped BEFORE the huge increase in fuel costs from the Ukraine war. As a result, I expect further increases from here. The CPI release is Thursday am this week…

Feb 26, 2022: Greetings! Here is your latest update on the state of Rondo Music and Agile Guitars. The Advanced order models listed below were completed about 3 weeks ago. Today we were finally able to secure a booking for a container departing in early March. Normal travel time is about 35 days. If we double that, then an eta of 2 1/2 months after the ship date should be safe? Anyway, that is the calculus for the target ETA's listed below. Hopefully these guitars will arrive much sooner. One other advantage of ordering ahead is to lock in pricing. As you know, if you have been keeping up with past updates, we have no idea what the total cost to import a container until several weeks after the guitars have been delivered (and often presold). We will continue to keep you updated.

Feb 11, 2022: Well it seems like these weekly updates have turned into weekly rant sessions. For those of you just interested in buying guitars, I am sorry, and feel free to skip all of this, but for the rest who are interested in what is going on in the global logistical supply chain, if our difficulties are representative of the industry, we have some insight. As you may know, our last Agile container was delayed nearly 60 days from the initial target eta. Some of this was due to legitimate shipping delays, unloading, freight terminal congestion etc. However, the bulk of the delay, about 35+ days, was from our guitars being held at customs. No problems were found and no corrections were needed and the shipment was simply released after 35 days with no comment. However, because of this delay we exceeded our "free time” at the port and demurrage charges became due. These are charges for storing the container at the port (which we were forced to do during the customs hold). They can be extremely pricy and are on a graduated sale. Near the end, our daily charges were in excess of $550 per day and total charges were nearly $20,000 just for storage. That is over $65 per guitar which exceeds our entire profit margin for the container (so we lost money on every guitar sold as and prices were pre-set and nearly all guitars sold). However, the really frustrating part is we are of course protesting these charges (as delay was in no way Rondo Music's fault) however we are not even receiving any responses for our freight forwarder (Flexport) on this issue. I saw Ryan Peterson from Flexport on Youtube discussing the general supply chain issue last weekend and I posted there as well. So if you are wondering about delays and why prices on so many things are going up, this is our personal experience and explanation. Well at least it's Friday. Have a great weekend.

Feb 4 2022: For those of you waiting for AL 3100s, 3200s, Intrepids, Septors, Chirals and Interceptors (and other pre-orders) I am happy to announce all pre-orders have now shipped except for 2 Geodesic guitars and one case for which we are waiting on Fedex and hope to receive early next week. There were a few new models that came in for which we did not have photos and a few cancelations. Those extra models are listed for sale below.

Feb 3 Update: Looks like we are expecting a pretty big storm Friday. While the vast majority of pre-orders has shipped out, some may be delayed until Monday or Tuesday next week. 2-7 or 2-8. Meanwhile the next batch of Agile acoustics set for production was posted on the new items page for advanced ordering and are due in sometime this May. Regarding Paypal: Paypal had a pretty big earnings miss reported on Feb 2, we fear this may be related to why funds are being held and not distributed. We have started accepted paypal payments again on the site for now...

January 27, 2022 For those of you waiting for AL 3100s, 3200s, Intrepids, Septors and Interceptors (pre-order), your guitars have cleared customs and have arrived at our warehouse. We have started inspections, setups and shipping them out. We hope all or at least most of these pre-orders will ship out out by the end of the first week of February (around Feb 4). Update on Paypal We have be notified by paypal that due to our sales increases (from this container I presume) they will be holding our paypal funds up to 3 week. Unfortunately our staff and vendors still need to be paid, so for the rest of January we will not longer be accepting paypal. This is particularly frustrating as we have been using paypal for about 15 years now we no previous issues like this and no issues with any other payment type as they suggest in their message. Sorry for the inconvenience. I have posted the paypal message below:

.... I apologize for the inconvenience this may be causing. Delaying funds availability is a common industry practice we implement to help ensure the safe and secure use of PayPal by both buyers and sellers. This threshold was placed on your account according to your projected sales. In a calendar month, you’ll have instant access to the first amount received from sales. Above that amount, the money becomes available up to 21 days after you receive the payment. The amount immediately available to you is reset every month. f there aren't any issues with your transaction, such as a customer filing a dispute, the payment will be released 21 days after receipt...

January 21, 2022 For those of you waiting for AL 3100s, 3200s, Intrepids, Septors and Interceptors (pre-order), your guitars have cleared customs and are on the way to our warehouse. We should receive them and start inspection and setup early the week of January 24th. Guitars should start shipping later that week and we hope to have all the pre-orders out by the end of the first week of February. " We recommend signing up for the mailing list too keep up to date on shipping status. Thank you for your patience!

January 17, 2022 Well unfortunately the frustration continues when it comes to logistics and any sort of importing. Those of you waiting for AL 3100s, 3200s, Intrepids, Septors and Interceptors; your guitars have been at customs over 3 weeks now (normal clearance time is about 2 days) with no firm ETA coming form customs authorities. The good news is the vast majority of Chirals, Geodesics and Legacy models have now shipped. The guitars listed below are mostly cancelations from customers tired of waiting and are available for immediate shipping. We will keep you informed as more Agile guitars trickle in and are hoping by the end of January (just a guess) that everyone will receive their pre-orders from 2021. Once we have confirmation of the next batch shipping out of S. Korea we will post updates here as well

Thank you all for your patience!

November 24, 2021We have a bit of bad news for customers with Agile guitars on order. The container expected in next week is now delayed until mid January. This affects customers with Headless guitars (Chiral, Geodesic), HXB, Valkyrie, Harm, Epic, and Renaissance guitars (but not 3200MCC, Intrepid, Septor and and other models). Sorry for the delay. We will keep you updated as we learn more. Essentially the guitars have arrived, but port congestion means it cannot be unloaded. Please enjoy a safe, happy, and healthy Thanksgiving!

September 10, 2021We are happy to report all Agile factories are cleaned, sanitized and back up and running. Those of you who placed advanced orders with us for SX and Agile guitars should see your orders nearly ready to ship fairly soon. We hope to see ALL of the advanced SX orders that are due in September ship out by Tuesday or Wednesday next week (Sept 15). Assuming our truck arrives on time, advanced Agile orders should start shipping by the end of next week with the bulk of the orders shipping out the week of September 20th.

August 11, 2021 We also have a bit of bad news on the production front. One of our 3 factories in Korea has been shut down due to the Corona virus delta variant. This will delay production further on select Agile models, namely the Al-3200MCC, Septor Pro, and Pendulum Pro models. ETA on those is now around Thanksgiving. We will keep you updated. June 17, 2021Great news: Our SX shipment has arrived about two weeks early. All customer pre-orders should be shipped by Friday and all SX Guitars listed on our web site are now available for immediate shipment as of Monday June 21, 2021. Additional shipments are unfortunately delayed due to massive port congestion due to Covid 19 at Chinese ports. We will continue to provide updates as we get them.

May 6, 2021 Hi Guys, I am happy to report that after about 6 months we are finally starting to see some SX guitars hit the shipping pipeline. In addition to the Liquid models listed below we will also have two addition models come in: One in black with 3P90s and a maple fretboard along with a lake placid blue model with 2 x P90s and tremolo. We do not have photos of theses yet, but will shoot photos of them when they arrive in June. If anyone wishes to pre-order them without seeing photos, they can contact me for directions. We we expect to see some SX Furrian models coming in and we will be putting those on the site over the next few days once we have details. Finally, we expect to receive notification of more Agile models by the end of the month as well and we will post on our site and send out notifications once that happens.

March 17, 2021 This week we have some excellent news to report regarding the availability of Agile guitars. We do expect to receive a final production and shipping schedule for a limited number of models including the Renaissance and some of the headless models as soon as next week and no later than April 1st. As these details becomes available, we will post on our site and send out a email updates. This week we have received notification that some of the sold-out cases are scheduled to arrive shortly, so we have made a few of those available below for advanced ordering and will add more to that list by April 1st as well. Thank you for your patience! We expect inventory to remain tight for the rest of the year. For example, we do not expect to see any AL-3100 or 3200MCC models until the fall and most should sell out before they arrive, but at least some models should start becoming available to order again shortly.

March 11, 2021 We continue to have logistical challenges with the latest delay coming from a lack of shipping boxes in S. Korea of all things. The good news is it looks like we should have a very good idea as to what Agile models will be coming off production for shipping by the first week April. We will start accepting pre-orders with accurate etas shortly after that. At this point it looks like the headless models will be first available. We will continue to send out updates regarding other models etas as we get them.

February 7,2021It now looks like the next batch of Agile models will not arrive until May, and SX Guitars sometime later this summer. We do expect some Lap Steel guitars in around April. Once we have details on what models make the first shipment we will post on our web site and send out notifications to people on the mailing list

January 6, 2021 Unfortunately, we continue to face severe shortages due to the Covid-19 epidemic. This is true across all the brands that we stock (SX, Agile, Hadean etc.). As a result, It appears that we will not be receiving any additional shipments of guitars at all over the next 3 months. Based on that, we expect to sellout of just about all of the inventory we have. Once we receive a firm notification that more models are on the way, we will once again begin taking advanced orders as was done in 2019. Until then what is posted currently is all the inventory we expect to have for some time.

December 17-18, 2020 Claremont received 43" of snow yesterday and UPS and Fedex services were completely shut down. Shipping ETAs will have at least one additional day added to their ship time for orders placed after December 16th.

October 24th, 2020: We have several great new items this week including a variety of Agile models. There is apparently major port congestion in Korea, and we have been waiting more than 3 weeks for some items just to be loaded onto the container ships. We expect the FINAL batch of Agile guitars arriving this year to be posted on the site within the next three weeks (by Nov 15) and probably sooner. After that I would expect only extremely limited inventory from Agile until spring. Likewise the SX guitars currently listed on the site are likely to be the only SX models available for the next 3 to 4 months as well and we expect to completely sell out of most models at or before the Christmas holiday.

9-17-2020. The vast majority of items are still pre-selling before they arriving at our warehouse as inventory shortages are continuing. We expect more SX models to become available later this week (in September) and next and we will post on the site as we receive estimates for their arrival at our warehouse. The next Agile shipment is not expected to arrive until mid to late November and we should receive confirmations with ETAs in mid-October. We will start taking pre-orders and send out email notifications as that all occurs

7-23-2020 We have received notification of production and shipping of additional Agile and SX models. At this point it appears that because of Covid-19 and reduced production, combined with increased demand for 'stay at home' products such as instruments, it is likely that we will have little or no in-stock inventory of guitars or basses for the remainder of 2020. The majority of models will need to be pre-ordered prior to arrival. The pre-order models listed and additional models that will be placed on our new items page between now and September will likely be the only inventory likely to arrive in time for the holidays and before year end. We will continue to send out email updates on the situation.

5-27-2020 As more production facilities continue to re-open, we have started receiving more arrival details on various products. We still expect to completely sell out of all SX Guitars like have with Agile (we have just a few dozen left as of this mailing) and expect only a trickle of SX models between now and the fall We will continue to make Advanced Orders available as production schedules are finalized so customers may pre-order. We also continue to expect most Advanced order items to completely sell out before products arrive for the rest of 2020.

5-17-20 We are finally starting to receive some ship notifications for some of the more popular Agile models (Defiant basses, AL-3100s and 3200MCCs). We will continue to post on the site and send out email notifications. For those of you who are waiting on advanced order guitars that were due in May, all the guitars have arrived and we are just waiting on the cases which have been stuck at Port Newark since around Tuesday 5-12. There are apparently some major Covid-19 related backlogs. We expect to take delivery around Tuesday 5-19 or Wednesday 5-20 this coming week and will ship the remaining advanced orders due in May by the end of this coming week.

5-12-20 The shortages we spoke of in our previous update continue to be an issue and, in some respects, have actually gotten worse. While many suppliers are moving to re-start production, it will be quite some time before we receive replacement inventory. We will continue posting inventory updates at's new items page and sending out email updates to people on our mailing list for items which have a relatively firm ETA. For now all items listed on the web site are in stock unless "Advanced Order" is indicated in the item title. As with the previous Agile shipments, we expect advanced order items to completely sell out before arriving. We also expect to be sold out of the last few in stock Agile guitars by the end of May and most of SX will be gone by mid-June.

4-30-20 Be aware that UPS and Fedex are not longer collecting signatures for deliveries, even on high ticket items. When selecting your shipping location, please be sure it's secure. The shipping services insurance will not cover items that are stolen after they are delivered.

4-22-20 The latest issue related to Covid-19 is shortages. There are now severe shortages in parts required to build guitars. For example D'addario and Labella, located in New York have been shut for over a month. Other parts such as EMG pickups are also in limited supply. As a result we expect to completely run out of Agile guitars sometime in the month of May and most SX guitars by the end of June. We do expect resupply, but not until the end of summer or fall depend on if all the parts companies survive the shutdown. A bit of good news: The Agile advanced orders targeted to ship by early May look they will all be in and shipped out before May 1 (unless the associated case is sold out which will delay shipping until about May 18).

4-3-20 We checked the status of the docks this am (Newark and Boston) and they are still operational, and shipments are being processed on time. As such we do still expect the ETA's on the advanced order items listed on the site to be correct.

4-1-20 We are still shipping product as of this week. Handing time for most products remains 1 business day, however some items require special setup and now require up to 3 business days before we ship out. We will continue to post new items with target ship dates in May as we receive confirmation that their production is complete and they are en-route to us.

3-27-20: As of noon today we will stop accepting orders outside of the USA and Canada. Also due to our reduced staff, starting next week handling time may be as long as 3 business days. As of Friday 3-27 and Monday 3-30 we still hope to process all orders within 1 business day.

3-26-20: As of now, Rondo Music is open for business and items listed on our site (with the exception of those listed as "Advanced Order" in the item title and description) are in stock and ready to ship with no delays.

As of 3pm March 26th, our Governor has issued a stay at home order starting Friday March 27th at midnight. Rondo Music will end all in person and public interaction as of that time. We will, however, maintain minimal staff levels and continue to process orders and returns as long as legally and safely possible. However, processing and shipping time may increase starting with orders placed after March 28th. Rondo Music will continue to follow local and federal rules and guidelines regarding COVID-19 for the benefit and safety of our employees and customers.

Thank you and good luck and good health to all of you. Kurt Zentmaier

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