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Agile Septor Elite 828 EB DNC Satin Blue / Purple Burl

Double cutaway, light weight, mahogany, arch top body

28 5/8" scale ebony fret board

Made in the USA Seymour Duncan Blackout Pickups (AH1-b)

Adjustable truss rod

Sturdy 5 piece neck-through body design

Reverse headstock

Read the "Customer Comments" link for more about the joys of playing this guitar!


Septor Elite 8 at a Special Price!

  • Designed based on specifications requested by our customers.
  • Double cutaway, light weight, mahogany, arch top body.
  • Made in the USA Seymour Duncan Blackout Pickups (AH1-b) Humbucker pickups help reduce hum and noise and offer superior performance by giving a thicker, fuller sound than single coils. Humbuckers also create a much larger magnetic field, which helps eliminate dead spots and increases overall power of the pickup.
  • 28 5/8" scale, 5 piece, neck-through body design! The sturdy neck through construction allows easier access to upper frets, provides greater sustain, and keeps the instrument in tune longer.
  • Cepheus high mass extended range fixed bridge, which offers the saddle for the widest range of tunings and non-standard string gauges.
  • Ebony fretboard with no markers. In response to the popular request of customers, position markers are located on the side of the neck.
  • Adjustable truss rod in neck to offset alterations caused by changes in humidity, temperature, or new strings.
  • 24 jumbo 2.9 mm frets, a 16" radius neck, and a uniform neck profile for ultra fast play!
  • Die cast Grover Rotomatic tuners with 18-1 turning ratio for ultra fine tuning (Model 102-18N).
  • One volume control, one tone control, and a 3-way pickup selector switch allow a wide range of expressive control.
  • Reverse headstock, string through body.
  • Made in South Korea.