Agile AL-3200MCC White Gold HW

Agile AL-3200MCC - Now with Multi-Radius, for improved comfort and ease of play!

  • Multi-Radius - 12" at the nut and 16" at the 22nd fret for vastly superior comfort
  • Coil tapping on both pickups for a wider range of sounds
  • Graph Tech NVS2 bridge with string saver saddles
  • Gold hardware for a classy look
  • 3/4" solid maple cap improves overall sound quality (increases brightness of the guitar)
  • Two type V Alnico humbucker pickups.
  • 5 piece neck-through (maple/walnut) neck and dual action adjustable truss rod
  • Ebony fretboard
  • Canadian maple flame top
  • Individually hand filed frets
  • Read the "Customer Comments" link for more about the joys of playing this guitar!
  • Qty Price: $499.99

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  • 3/4" solid thick, maple cap improves overall sound quality (increases brightness of the guitar)
  • Maple cap sits over the 1 1/2 2 piece solid mahogany body
  • Bound body, neck, and headstock (triple binding on the body; single binding on the neck and headstock)
  • Gold hardware, including die-cast Grover tuners with 18-1 turning ratio for ultra fine tuning (Model 102-18N)
  • Graph Tech NVS2 bridge with string saver saddles
  • Two Type V Alnico humbucker pickups create that warm, traditional sound (humbucker pickups help reduce hum and noise and offer superior performance by giving a thicker fuller sound than single coils; humbuckers also create a much larger magnetic field, which helps eliminate dead spots and increases overall power of the pickup)
  • Two volume controls, two tone controls, and a 3-way pickup selector switch allow a wide range of expressive control
  • 5 piece neck-through (maple/walnut) neck and dual action adjustable truss rod
  • Adjustable dual action truss rod in neck to offset alterations caused by changes in humidity, temperature, or new strings
  • Ebony fretboard with 22 jumbo frets and genuine mother of pearl trapezoid inlays
  • High voltage, brass shaft pots for reduced noise and an improved pickup selector switch
  • Individually hand filed frets for professional feel and playability
  • D'addario 10-46 strings installed at the factory along with a professionally cut Graph Tech Tusq nut
  • Stop-bar tailpiece transfers string vibration to the body of the guitar and produces superior sustain
  • Made in South Korea
  • Measurements
  • Overall length: 40"
  • Scale length: 24 3/4"
  • Width of the neck at the nut: 1 11/16" (42.8 mm)
  • Width of the neck at the 21st fret: 2 3/16" (56 mm)
  • Graph Tech BT-6643-00 (43x6mm) nut with 1/4" (7 1/2 mm) string spacing
  • Spacing between the strings at the bridge: 3/8" (10 mm)
  • Overall string spacing at the nut: 36 mm
  • Overall string spacing at the bridge: 52 1/2 mm
  • Neck taper/thickness at the 1st fret: 3/4" (19 1/2 mm)
  • Neck taper/thickness at the 12th fret: 7/8" (21 1/2 mm)
  • Width at the upper bout: 9 1/4"
  • Width at the lower bout: 13 5/16"
  • Body thickness at the edge: 1 15/16"
  • Bridge Pickup Resistance: 13.2 ohms Tapped: 6.60 Ohms
  • Neck Pickup Resistance 12.7 ohms Tapped: 6.36 Ohms
  • Weight: only 10 pounds!
  • Video Overview:

    Set Up Tips

    Customer Comments:

    Kurt, I wanted to take a moment to tell you how pleased I am with the Agile 3200MCC that I received recently. The shipment arrived as I requested, even if the transport company tore a large hole in the carton. The guitar is fabulous! I have been playing guitar for 48 years, and have owned many of the major company's products. Comparing this Agile to anything that the big companies produce would be unfair, as they would charge about five to eight times what the Agile is priced at. The Agile is one of the best made guitars that I have ever owned, bar none. The cherry/wine red finish is perfect. The superior binding frames it perfectly, and the gold plated hardware pops against it. I love the thinner body with the neck-through-the-body construction. This design makes it easier to reach to the twenty-second fret without over-stretching my fingers. The sound is amazing! The Agile humbuckers have so much gain and tone to them. I experience no dramatic reduction in volume when switching to single coil as well, unlike many other more expensive makes. It also has superior sustain. Thank you for ordering this model with these features. I am more than satisfied with it.

    Doug Adashefski Lago Vista, Texas

    I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my first purchase from you. I just received my AL-3200mcc hcsb and it is absolutely perfect in every way! It is well beyond my expectation of quality. The action, neck, and intonation are more perfect than any guitar I have ever bought. I have been playing for over twenty years and have owned every name brand. In the last year I have bought an American fender strat and a Gibson SG. Both are great but this agile beats them both top to bottom. Out of the box I did not have to do anything to the agile. Both my fender and Gibson had intonation problems. I will recommend you to anyone I talk to and proudly show off this guitar. I love everything about it!! Thank you so much!!

    Robert R. Scott II

    Hi Kurt, I've been meaning to write you for several weeks now. I purchased an AL MCC from you. I've gotta tell you, this is an amazing guitar! I was waffling on picking up a used Gibson when three different friends told me it would be worth my while to check your website. I spent a couple days agonizing over finish choices and settled on the root beer. I haven't stopped playing it since it arrived! The tone, sustain, setup and playability have had my jaw on the floor more than once. Outstanding hunk of wood (and the case is killer to boot!). I'll be buying from you again, no doubts. Thank you so much!

    My very best,

    Hi Kurt, I have purchased a few guitars from you and have sent a few customers your way because I like your product and service. Recently I advised a friend (Fred Lennon) who was hell bent on a Les Paul to check out your stuff. I told him to make sure to get one with a maple cap which he did. You really took great care helping him and he has a permanent smile on his face and feels all his expectations were far and away exceeded with the purchase of the AL 3100M. His was light and resonant and played like a dream. Your ear must be tuned to the desires of your customers and it's nice to see how quickly you develop different product to fit their specific needs. You've got a good name out here, a lot of very happy customers and a positive buzz on the web. I'm sure it's because of your hard work, focus on fit and finish and ever evolving models which is the secret to Rondo's success. Congrats on another job well done!
    Jerry Donnelly

    Hi! My new Agile3100M has been in my hands two days now. It arrived with no injuries whatsoever. In fact, I cant find even the slightest little defect in the instrument at all. I love the way it looks, feels and sings and I just don't think I could have made a wiser choice. Thanks so much for your part in providing the opportunity for me to own it. Puts epiphones to shame and is a better instrument overall, in my humble opinion, than the 1980 les paul custom Gibson it replaces. Great work, guys, good luck in the future.

    Domas Kobleur
    Baton Rouge, La.

    Rondo, I've been playing guitar now for 50 years and have owned a lot of guitars in that time. I've been playing a Fender Special Edition Tele HH now for about 5 years and wanted to try a Les Paul style guitar. I have never been fond of the LP style guitars in the past but felt that I probably never gave them a fair try. Not knowing whether or not I could 'bond' with a LP style guitar, I really couldn't see spending a lot of money to try one. I did my research, read a lot of reviews/comments on guitar forums and found Rondo Music/Agile. I am simply amazed by my new guitar. Came to me set up very well and I only had to do minor 'tweeking to suit' to make this guitar play exactly the way I wanted it to. Beautiful resonance and sustain. I looked this guitar over CLOSELY with a very critical eye and can find no faults. When I purchased the guitar I thought that perhaps I might have to change the pickups, which I've done on a lot of my guitars but NO, the stock pickups in this axe will stay! . That is a first for me! I am so impressed that I'm confident that I will be talking to you about a 'custom made' guitar in the near future! Thank you so much for the great product and excellent customer service!

    Kurt, I have been playing guitar since 1972, have owned quite a few during those years, and I currently own 15. I've had one LP which I never could quite bond with but I believe this Agile is definitely a keeper. I've never had an electric guitar that was so easy to set up to my picky spec's (I raised the action slightly and adjusted the pickup height... everything else was spot on!). BTW, this is my second Rondo purchase... I have an Agile TC as well. Thanks for offering awesome guitars at great prices!
    G. Bryant South Carolina

    Hello Kurt. Just got my Agile guitar today. All I can say is wow. I've been playing for over 40 years now and I have had all kinds of name brand guitars, but never have I had a beauty like this one. It came perfectly set up in MHOP. Action is perfect for me. The workmanship is flawless. From the machine heads to the bridge, fret work, everything. The finish is excellent and I should know because I am a finisher, re-finisher of fine furniture and cabinetry. The tones of the pickups are incredible on all settings. Plays like butter. This will probably make the Gibson Les Paul owner upset but I truly believe it is as good and maybe even a cut above. I still own my Gibson SG that I bought in the sixties and have played many Gibson Les Pauls over the years. I had a good friend of mine come over to take a look and to play it. He asked me what I paid for it and his jaw dropped. Thank You so much and thanks to all the other Agile owners for all their reviews of your guitars. I am glad I went with Agile. The guitar case is perfect also. Not a flaw. Many thanks for a wonderful guitar.
    Paul Ramassini. Naples Fl.

    Kurt- This guitar looks even better than your website photos, gorgeous in an understated way. I plugged it into a Bugera V5 tube amp, one that does not like my Gibson LP Studio very much. The amp tends to make humbuckers sound overly dark. However, the Agile has plenty of treble through that amp. I was going to get an EQ pedal to brighten the signal up. However, I may just sell the Gibson after hearing how the Agile does, both with the tube amp and a solid state one. I can't say enough about your great service, and the value for the dollar in the Agile, SX and Douglas products you sell. Also, you provide tremendous variety of choices for us lefties, in contrast with the competition. Thanks again!
    Robert L. Stager

    Hi, I don't usually leave testimonials for products, but I had to write and let you know how pleased I am with my new Agile. I have been playing guitar for over 40 years and have never come across such value for the money. I was a little skeptical of the comments I had read, but decided to bite the bullet and place an order. Man am I glad I did. I have to say I have seen nicer guitars but, those instruments were at a minimum six times the price. I cant think of anything I have purchased in the past that I felt was as good a value as this guitar. Out of the box setup was very good, better than most I have seen. Just a few tweaks for my preferences and voila, perfect. The pickups are great, ebony neck is smooth and fast and the finish is very nice. I have shown it to several musicians and they were very impressed, when I told them the price, they didn't believe me. I had to show them the invoice to convince them. Rondo Music will be the first and probably the only place I'll look for future instruments. Thanks for an exceptional guitar for an exceptionally low price.
    John Lanier Thomasville, NC

    Question: How does the AL-3200MCC compare to the other Agile AL Models?
    Answer: Please see AL Specification Comparison

    Question: I received my AL-3200MCC and there is some fret buzz. What do I do?
    Answer: Your guitar was set up and buzz free when it was shipped. However the neck may have moved during shipment. This video should help: Set Up Tips.

    Question: What is your return policy for this item?
    Answer: See our detailed policy by clicking on "Return Policy" on the right side of the home page.

    Question: Where is the AL-3200MCC made?
    Answer: All Agile guitars are made in South Korea.

    Question: If I buy a hard case for my guitar, will the guitar ship in the case for added protection?
    Answer: Of course!