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Dean Markley Round Bass Strings #2632

Dean Markley Round Bass Strings #2632

Classic Dean Markley 4 String Bass String Set

  • 45,60,80,100 gauge
  • Features improved brilliance, punch, full bottom end, fantastic harmonics, plus an extremely long life
  • Made in USA
  • Currently listed on Amazon for over $20

    From the Dean Markley Site:

    "Musicians are well acquainted with the quest for tone. We’ll try all sorts of guitars, strings, and other gear—anything that might lead us closer to that elusive “Holy Grail” sound. But we’re not the only ones who will tinker with something that’s already good, hoping to make it just a little bit better.

    Dean Markley is obsessed with tone. That’s no surprise. But maybe you don’t know how obsessed. Look no further than Super Rounds to find the answer.

    There was a time when many bass players were using a string made by the British. It had a reputation for outstanding tone. So Dean decided to find out what it was about those strings that sounded so good. He learned everything there was to know about the materials used, how they were wound, and what they liked to eat for breakfast. And when he thought he knew what made them tick, he didn’t stop there. Instead, he thought about how he could make them even better. The result is Super Round, a great stainless steel bass string with tons of punch, boundless tone, and British bloodlines.

    Dean Markley Super Round strings… they’re the bees’ knees, mate!"

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