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Box-O-Fun Tubes
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Box-O-Fun Tubes


Rondo Music Box - o - Tubes

Contains 38 Vintage OEM vacuum tubes

Partial Inventory: 1 x CBS GCF6 5 x RCA 6au6 2 X Westinghouse 6CB6 1 x GE 12AU7 3 x RCA 12 AY7 4 x RA 6AL5 2 x RCA 6AS5 1 x RCA 6AT6 2 x GE 6BK7 3 x GE GCB6 1 x GE GBQ7 2 x GE 6X8 1 x GE 6KD8 1 x RCA 5Y3 1 x RCA 6BQ6 1 x RCA 6AX4 1 x RCA 5U4GB

Some tube boxes are open, most a new. One or two appear to have been installed. Tube age appears to be from the 1960s based on pricing (0.94 cents per tube) and were part of our shop inventory

Have Fun !