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Douglas EGC-400 LP Desert Camo
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Douglas EGC-400 LP Desert Camo


Camouflage Gives This Case a Unique Look!

  • Features a strong (6 ply) arched top and thick padding (18mm) to offer superior protection and snug fit for your instrument
  • Made of durable hard wood and covered with scratch resistant fabric, and are carefully stitched to create a gorgeous presentation
  • Chrome latches and feet also help protect your valuable guitar and present an A+ appearance
  • Inside, they are well padded with a plush lining, and feature a handy storage compartment for accessories such as a strap, capo, strings, tuner, picks, or small sized effect or effects
  • Features a key lock
  • Case will fit Agile AL- 3010SE/3100/3200 series guitars including 12 string models; AD-3200 series guitars (including left handed); as well as Gibson and Epiphone LP Guitars
  • Final production run on this case. Once these are sold that's it.


  • Length: 41"
  • Width at the lower bout: 13 1/4"
  • Width at the headstock: 5"
  • Depth: 6"
  • Weight: 4 pounds