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SX Ursa 2 LT MN BAS 5 CAR Medium Scale 5 String Bass


5 String Medium Scale Bass from SX!

  • Great for the player that requires a smaller, more comfortable bass
  • This bass has a 32" scale length - that's 2 inches shorter than a normal size bass, making it an excellent starter bass for a young beginner or for someone just looking for a slightly smaller bass
  • It also makes a perfect low cost travel bass
  • This bass guitar features a solid basswood body (not plywood) and a 20 fret beautiful maple neck with maple fingerboard which helps deliver excellent tone and sustain
  • The design of the neck and adjustable bridge provide outstanding action, making the bass very easy to play
  • Other features include a truss rod adjustable neck, passive pickups, a fully adjustable bridge, and non-locking tuners
  • The bass has a single ply white pick-guard

    Wiring Diagram

  • Video Set Up Instructions

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