Kurt; We received the SX late Wednesday afternoon, about right on time for a UPS ground shipment from NJ to NC. We've had the package opened for two days now, and everything seems to have arrived intact and in good shape. You did a great job of packing, seems to have handled transit just fine. (that "foam baggie" the guitar came in worked great.) The guitar is beautiful. We are currently renting the no-name (literally) guitar we compared it to, and it is nicer in several ways: all the finish, the fingerboard, the pickups are nicer. Even the screw-heads on your guitar are bigger and look to be of better quality. The body of your guitar appears to be solid, while the rental is glued wood chunks (you can see the glue joints reflected on the finish). Otherwise, everything on the guitar is the equal of, or better than, the rental. And of course, the sunburst finish is awesome in comparison.

You've had other ebay customer feedback saying your guitar is better than the Squire Strat. I have to agree 100% with that assessment: I pored over the bottom-end Squires at the local music store very carefully and I'm exceedingly happy about your guitar vs. theirs. It's the same story with the rest of your stuff: better gig bag, better "starter pak" (cord/strap/picks) and I expect the 3-pak of strings will come in handy one day in an emergency. It wasn't two weeks earlier we rented this lefty-stringed righth and guitar and brought it home. I looked hard at buying one that day instead of renting, but I'd have kicked myself badly if I had missed out doing business with you guys. Ironically, that local music store just put their low-end Squire Strat on sale for $99 (we got the flyer yesterday) but I'm still glad we went with yours. They do not stock lefthand versions of those guitars so I'm not sure I ever really had a choice. I'm thankful we found you. FYI: this was a 15th birthday present for older of two sons. He was totally stunned by it and has been plink-plinking ever since he got it out of the box. Turns out this was one of the few times nowadays that I've been able to completely and totally fool him for his birthday. It gets harder to fool the kids every year...:-) I know you didn't make a ton of money on this transaction (I'm afraid to even wonder about your margin) and the local guitar salesmen don't exactly come running when we come in the store. We don't have much money to spend on musical instruments, but I will tell you this: You've made one of my boys' 15th birthday the best ever! I'd like to give you some positive feedback on ebay about this, but I'm not sure I can since we did business outside the ebay bid system. If there is some way I can post positive feedback I will be glad to. That, or you're welcome to use this letter on your website as you see fit. JKB " James Brigman jbrigman@nc.rr.com 6/2002

"The Guitar arrived yesterday, Set it up and it sounds great, plays great! The kid loves it, I looked at several Squire Strats and was concerned that the Team was going to be delivered with the frets unfinished like they are when new, NOT ! Thanks for the deal, We are very pleased, I was also very impressed with the quality of the $20.00 gig bag, You guys take care of your customers w/ quality equipment and VERY impressive pricing! We'll do business again. Sincere Thanks, John Johnson"

"Yesterday I went to Rondo music and purchased an SX SST. I tried it out in the store and am extremely pleased with my purchase. I've tried and owned many cheaper imitation guitars before, but this one is by far superior to most, if not all of them.... Thank you for the great value and I'll be sure to shop at Rondo again in the future. hairlessmunkee@hotmail.com