"Kurt, I got my Agile 2500 today and she really is a Black Beauty. Thanks for the usual excellent fast service. I'm taking her to a friends shop who deals in vintage stuff. He wanted to see it (and I want a free set up). The action is set perfect as it is. There is positive feedback on the Agiles in the Les Paul Forum in the other gibson area under les paul copies. Thanks again, Tom O'Neil" 1/2003

"This just came. I've played around with it for 10 minutes and already agree with the testimonials you've posted; I may have played better guitars, but not by much and NEVER at this incredible price! Thanks for a memorable transaction. Leaving feedback now; Thanks again,Rick" Item #933501963 1/2003

"The Agile arrived today; I just wanted to tell you that this has been one of the best guitar purchases I've made in the past ten years. I've been playing for 15 years, and have had more than my fair share of gear - including two Les Pauls (1969 and 1983). The LP2000 is great - one of the best "styled" guitars I've had the pleasure to own. Please convey my thanks to the staff at Rondo; you can expect me to buy another guitar in the near future. best regards, Mark Simpson" 3-28-2003

" Kurt, Just to let you know, I came into your store yesterday and bought one of the Agile (+ case). I got it home and put a fresh set of strings on it and I just can't beleve the sound the look or the price! I've been playing guitar from 35+ years and this is a as fine a guitar as I've ever played! I own Gibsons, Fenders and Epiphones. This is now my main guitar! I still can't get over the quality of this thing. It's the best deal that I've ever seen. Thanks so much for selling on EBAY, as I'm sure I would have never even known about you guys. You've got a new customer. Thanks again, John" jrumiano@hotmail.com 6-2002

"My personal oppinion on this guitar is that it kicks its competitors in their teeth. A real set neck LP copy with playability and tone for under 300 bucks!!! Of course i only have this one example of this model to judge all others by. If the consistantcy of quality stays high in this model then they have a winner." Submitted by Robby Sigman 07/08/2001

"Hello Kurt: I recieved the Agile Guitar and CNB EC-300LP case last Thursday. Both arived in excellent condition. The case looks to be the same as some I looked at at some of the "discount" music stores for three times the price. The guitar is absolutely beautiful plays excellent, beautiful tone, very well finished, apears to be a very expensive guitar. freinds who have seen and played are sure I paid a lot of money for this guitar. The problem that I have is my wife would rather play my Agile than her Gibson. She says the Agile plays much better and sounds just as good. Thanks very much for the recomendation and the great guitar. Most important to me this Agile guitar stays in tune. Burt" 11/19/2001

" Recieved the guitar yesterday (1/4/02)-- I put the order in 1/1 so I don't think you could ask for faster service than that.. I've only been playing for a few years so at this point I think $2000 guitars would be a waste given my current abilities.....I've been playing a Squire Tele but the Agile, looks,sounds and feels a helluva lot nicer....I'd pretty much have to agree with the HC reviews.... Frets are nice & smooth,(run your hand along the edge of the Squire & if feels like a dull saw blade).Finish is beautiful. I don't know much about making guitars but I've done some cabinet making and have a decent eye for spotting flaws and poor fit/finish.. The guitar seems very well made-...I'm a happy customer--thx--" Dave Bailey January 02, 2002

" I just received my Agile and I'm so impressed. I used to own a Gibson Les Paul Deluxe (gold top). That my parents bought me in 1977 brand new. I truly think this is as good as the real thing. Thanks Rondomusic. O yeah! The service and professionalism is just as good as the product. This organization is top shelf!" 5-2002

"For anyone thinking about bidding on, or buying an Epiphone Les Paul, new or used, I urged you to seriously consider picking up one of these Agile Les Paul guitars - you will NOT be sorry. I purchased the Agile 2500BK and this is one truly amazing guitar! With its set neck, fabulous pearloid inlays, dark rosewood fingerboard, and stylish gold hardware, this guitar looks, feels, and plays like a $1000 guitar... and I got it for $250! And, to think I almost bought a used Les Paul copy with a bolt-on neck for the exact same price! Thanks, Kurt and Rondo Music." John (Item #: 2546900206)