One might think that the model names of Rondo’s guitars are just a bunch of random letters and numbers.
Not true!  There actually is a degree of logic involved with the naming of Rondo's guitar models.
Here you will find the insider’s guide to decoding Rondo’s nomenclature. 
AM Amber
AS Antique Sunburst
BBR Burl Brown
BK Black
BSB Butterscotch 
BUS Blue Sunburst
CAMO Camoflauge
CAR Candy Apple Red
CS Cherry Sunburst
CSB Cherry Sunburst (Why not have 2 codes for the same thing?)
CSBF Cherry Sunburst Flame
HC Heritage Cherry
HSBF Heritage Sunburst Flame
LPB Lake Placid Blue
MWR Metallic Wine Red
NA Natural
PBU Powder Blue
RDS Red Sunburst
SB Sunburst
SGN Surf Green
TA Transluscent Amber
TBL Tribal Blue
TSB Tobacco Sunburst
TVY Transluscent Vintage Yellow
TWR Transluscent Wine Red
VGN Vintage Green
VS Vintage Sunburst
VWH Vintage White
2 TS 2 Tones
2 TSB 2 Tones Sunburst
3 TS 3 Tones
Types of Pick-Ups
CP Cepheus Passive Pick-Ups
DNC Duncan Pick-Ups
Dual 2 Pick-Ups
EMG EMG Pick-Ups
FM P90 Pick-Ups (You may ask yourself, why not write just P90?  An excellent question indeed!)
P90 P90 Pick-Ups
TOAST Toaster Pick-Ups
3P90 3P90 Pick-Ups
And if you are interested in Agile Guitars…
AL-3000 Ebony Fretboard, Abalone Inlays, Nickel Hardware
Al-3010 Ebony Fretboard, Abalone Inlays, Chome Hardware
AL-3010M Same as AL-3010, with a 3/4" Maple Top
AL-3100 Ebony Fretboard, Mother of Pearl Inlays, Nickel Hardware
AL-3110 Ebony Fretboard, Mother of Pearl Inlays, Chrome Hardware
AL-3125 Ebony Fretboard, Semi-Hollow Body
AL-3200 Neck Goes Through the Body, and the Back is Contoured
Other codes that just don't fit into catagories
AL Agile
BI Body Binding
BO Bolt-On Neck
CUS Custom
DOT Dot Inlays
EB  Ebony Fretboard
FAT 2 Humbuckers
FLAME Flame Maple Top
FLOYD Floyd Rose Tremolo
FR Round Neck
FS Square Neck
H Semi-Hollow Body
HH 2 Humbuckers
HUM Humbucker
HW Hardware
MH Mahogany
MN Maple Fretboard
NT In the land of Douglas, it means Hollow Body
QMD Quilted Maple Top
QUILT Quilted Maple Top
RN Rosewood Fretboard
SC Single Cut
SKY Left Handed Tremolo on a Right-Handed Guitar
SLIM Slim Neck
SPAULTED Spaulted Maple Top
SSS 3 Single Coils
STOP Stop Tail Piece, Fixed Bridge
TE Tiger Eye Finish
THRU Neck Goes Through the Body
WIDE Wide Neck
WILKENSON Wilkenson Tremolo
1 1 Piece Body
2 2 Piece Body
2C 2 Piece Body, Center Jointed
22 22 Frets
24 24 Frets
625 6 Strings, 25" Scale
627 6 Strings, 27" Scale