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Covid-19 Update

To our valued customers,

As the COVID-19 situation around the world changes, please know our commitment to our customers has not. We will provide you with updates as to our situation:

5-17-20 We are finally starting to receive some ship notifications for some of the more popular Agile models (Defiant basses, AL-3100s and 3200MCCs). We will continue to post on the site and send out email notifications. For those of you who are waiting on advanced order guitars that were due in May, all the guitars have arrived and we are just waiting on the cases which have been stuck at Port Newark since around Tuesday 5-12. There are apparently some major Covid-19 related backlogs. We expect to take delivery around Tuesday 5-19 or Wednesday 5-20 this coming week and will ship the remaining advanced orders due in May by the end of this coming week.

5-12-20 The shortages we spoke of in our previous update continue to be an issue and, in some respects, have actually gotten worse. While many suppliers are moving to re-start production, it will be quite some time before we receive replacement inventory. We will continue posting inventory updates at's new items page and sending out email updates to people on our mailing list for items which have a relatively firm ETA. For now all items listed on the web site are in stock unless "Advanced Order" is indicated in the item title. As with the previous Agile shipments, we expect advanced order items to completely sell out before arriving. We also expect to be sold out of the last few in stock Agile guitars by the end of May and most of SX will be gone by mid-June.

4-30-20 Be aware that UPS and Fedex are not longer collecting signatures for deliveries, even on high ticket items. When selecting your shipping location, please be sure it's secure. The shipping services insurance will not cover items that are stolen after they are delivered.

4-22-20 The latest issue related to Covid-19 is shortages. There are now severe shortages in parts required to build guitars. For example D'addario and Labella, located in New York have been shut for over a month. Other parts such as EMG pickups are also in limited supply. As a result we expect to completely run out of Agile guitars sometime in the month of May and most SX guitars by the end of June. We do expect resupply, but not until the end of summer or fall depend on if all the parts companies survive the shutdown. A bit of good news: The Agile advanced orders targeted to ship by early May look they will all be in and shipped out before May 1 (unless the associated case is sold out which will delay shipping until about May 18).

4-3-20 We checked the status of the docks this am (Newark and Boston) and they are still operational, and shipments are being processed on time. As such we do still expect the ETA's on the advanced order items listed on the site to be correct.

4-1-20 We are still shipping product as of this week. Handing time for most products remains 1 business day, however some items require special setup and now require up to 3 business days before we ship out. We will continue to post new items with target ship dates in May as we receive confirmation that their production is complete and they are en-route to us.

3-27-20: As of noon today we will stop accepting orders outside of the USA and Canada. Also due to our reduced staff, starting next week handling time may be as long as 3 business days. As of Friday 3-27 and Monday 3-30 we still hope to process all orders within 1 business day.

3-26-20: As of now, Rondo Music is open for business and items listed on our site (with the exception of those listed as "Advanced Order" in the item title and description) are in stock and ready to ship with no delays.

As of 3pm March 26th, our Governor has issued a stay at home order starting Friday March 27th at midnight. Rondo Music will end all in person and public interaction as of that time. We will, however, maintain minimal staff levels and continue to process orders and returns as long as legally and safely possible. However, processing and shipping time may increase starting with orders placed after March 28th. Rondo Music will continue to follow local and federal rules and guidelines regarding COVID-19 for the benefit and safety of our employees and customers.

Thank you and good luck and good health to all of you. Kurt Zentmaier

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