Agile Septor 727 RN CP TOM Black Flame

Agile Septor 727 RN CP TOM Black Flame

New Agile 7 String

  • Designed based on specs requested by our customers
  • Double cutaway light weight mahoganny arch top body
  • 27" scale 7 String at an Amazing Price
  • Tone Pros Bridge
  • Rosewood fretboard with no markers. Position markers are located on the side of the neck.
  • 24 Extra Jumbo 2.9mm frets and a 13.7" (350mm) radius BOLT ON neck for fast play
  • Grover Die Cast tuners
  • Cepheus passive 7 string humbucker pickups
  • Reverse Headstock, string through body.
  • Width of the neck at the nut: 1 7/8"; at the 22st fret: 2 3/16"
  • Uniform Neck Profile - For ultra fast playing - 21.5mm at the frest fret and 22mm at the 12th fret.
  • Thickness of neck at the first fret approx 11/16"
  • Overall length, including the strap button: 42"; Scale length: 27"
  • Pickups Dimensions: 3" wide, 1 3/8" Tall. Mounting screws are 3 3/4" appart.
  • Actual Weight is only 8.5 lbs

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    Customer Comments:

    Hello, My name is Victor Martin, I am in the Army and currently in the Kuwait, and other places. I purchased one of your guitars from amazon and had it shipped to me, the packaging was excellent and i received it with no damage.. Septor 727 MN RN TOM NAT MAGOH, it is an amazing guitar, the feel and sound is incredible. It was not at all what I expected for the price, the quality is top notch. I just wanted to let you all know that I love the guitar and plan to buy some more. Thank you SGT Victor Martin

    Absolutely Incredible!! By Sergey K. via amazon Absolutely awesome guitar. Beats any ibanez, esp/ltd, dean, shecter ive played in both sound and build quality. Very attractive looking guitar! Feels very good in the hands, perfectly balalnced when standing and playing, neck is nice and thin, but not 'too' thin if you know what i mean. the Cepheus 7 pickups took me by surprise. no need for the crunchlab and liquifire here, these guys do EVERYTHING you could need. great clarity, sustain, everything you need! the pickups really allow you to hear the accuracy of the player, every pick noise and harmonic is picked up! the floyd rose is great too! never goes out of tune! bolt on is okay, a bit tough to reach the 24th fret, but its possible nonetheless. 10/10 would and will buy again!

    Great sounding axe By Earth Shook Run Via amazon on October 10, 2013 Verified Purchase I just received this guitar in the mail. This blows my Ibanez 7321 out of the water. When I first tried to play it it had severe fret buzz. This is to be expected though because of the travel that it had to go through to get here. After a quick truss rod adjustment and a couple of hours to let the neck set this thing was good to go. I can't wait to use this at my next show. I WILL BE BUYING ANOTHER if this guitar holds up. Extremely happy. Also the stock Cepheus passive pickups really took me by surprise too.

    By thomas veres Via Amazon on November 17, 2013 Verified Purchase Alright, I'm going to start off by saying that this is the best guitar I have played let alone owned out of my 7 guitars. The finish is absolutely the best I have seen, especially at this price bracket. It looks much more striking in person and does not really look black and white. More of a dark greenish and blue mix with black on the edges. It does look really good. The pickups are nice and crisp for actives, I thought I would be very disappointed and have to switch them out but they are going anywhere. They do sound way better than the passive Cepheus pickups. The neck is of medium thickness and is very playable. The pickup selector is nice and solid, it gives a good chunky click when you switch. You have very easy access to the very high frets and the action is low with little buzz and the Grover tuners are an additional plus which makes it have amazing tuning stability. All in all I think this is an amazing instrument and definitely be considered over the similarly priced Schecter's, Jackson's, and Ibanez's.

    One of my top guitars so far By Esteban via Amazon on September 6, 2014 Verified Purchase After searching for 7 string guitars at certain budget I found great reviews of the Agile brand and what I found interesting was the quality materials and specs that were offered for such low price. After hearing the guitar on reviews, comparing to another ones in the same price range I had to give it a shot...and WHAT A GOOD SHOT IT WAS. I probably wouldn't trade it for another one. I have it in a Drop C'ish tunning (7th string in G) and it just kills it, and those Cepheus do an amazing work too! I don't think I'm changing those pickups in a long time. The action feels so comfortable and effortless to go from one fret to the other (and is my first 7 string). The headstock is a piece of art, and the finish is also something to frame on a museum, what a nice work. The only negative things that I can think of is that the neck pickup is not properly aligned (a little to much the right, not completely straight) and the back plate for the electronic components came kind of scratched, a little bit, but since is not that visible I can let it pass, just because of what an STUNNING instrument it is in it's whole. If you're looking for a great quality 7 string guitar and not just "a cheap one" I can personally recommend you Agile guitars any time.


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